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Joining the Forces of Anarchism

What is Anarchism? The answer to the question is that it depends on who you ask. There are a lot of differing and even contradicting views in the collective tradition of anarchist thought. Can all of them be truly anarchist? Our answer is undoubtedly “yes.” They are all anarchist, and they all contribute to the entirety of anarchist movement and tradition.
   Many anarchist factions have turned dogmatic, claiming there is no other way of being anarchist except how they are. This is probably the greatest problem of anarchism today, and this is the problem we try to solve through the content of this site. But it is important to realize that the disagreements are not always effectuated by and held alive through dogmas. Sometimes there are real differences between anarchist factions that need sorting out. Or perhaps some of the differences are actually good for the anarchist movement since they cause an ongoing debate on what anarchism really is, and how we can finally abolish the state.
   This section is dedicated to a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the different anarchist schools of thought as well as the famous proponents of anarchism through time. Through letting arguments clash it is our hope that this section will provide a great starting point for the analysis of anarchism as a collective ideology and the creation of an anarchism which is non-refutable from any angle or direction.
   There are four main parts of this section, all of them contributing to the higher purpose. The Essays sub section provides arguments for an anarchism without contradictions, and without questionable dogmas or effects. Here the common values of anarchism are collected, analyzed, and refined. The Issues (forthcoming) sub section tries to identify the essence of anarchism through stating the common anarchist position in a number of issues in an instead-of-a-FAQ. The strengths and weaknesses of each individual anarchist tradition are discussed in the Schools sub section (which is the former “Anarchisms” section), whereas the proponents and founding fathers and mothers of anarchism are portrayed in the People sub section.

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