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Bridging the Gap

Anarchism is a widely disputed label, there are probably as many different kinds of anarchisms as there are different ideologies or traditions in statism. Therefore anarchism is used in a number of ways--by people who want to abolish the government, abolish capitalism, abolish violence, abolish technology, abolish large-scale production, or abolish society. But what does anarchism mean?
   The new tries to answer this question. The new site is what the name says--an anarchisms’ network, a network of, for, and by anarchisms. The organizers of the site of course believe in a certain kind of anarchism, but it is our hope and goal to provide a basis for discussion. All anarchists are welcome!
   This new site will cover different views on anarchism and the abolishment of the state, and try to put them together. As the ideological concept of “anarchism” and the name of this site shows, we are building an all-anarchist network of radical ideas of freedom and liberty.
   It is true that there are many different kinds of anarchism which cannot go well together--collectivist and individualist, socialist and capitalist, pacifist and revolutionist etc. But they all provide the anarchist movement with important and powerful insights and arguments for abolishing the state!
   Actually, we can tell you this: we will show you that all of these different kinds of anarchism are unnecessary and build walls between us which have no foundation but ignorance. As a matter of fact, many anarchist beliefs are impossible to reconcile with a (coercion-)free society. Are they then anarchist? The obvious answer is “no.” We will lead you towards a better understanding of anarchism and the idea of a free society--where no force is necessary to establish or uphold freedom and liberty.


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