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Placing banners on a web site, if done correctly, can increase the traffic to your site greatly. When placing ads it is important to focus on the sites which content attracts visitors who may be interested in your site’s content. has provided the anarchist Internet community with information and a framework for discussion and idea-making since 1999. We were one of the first full-scale anarchist web sites and have had tens of thousands of visitors per month.
   The people visiting our pages for information, debate, and arguments--as well as the discussions in the forum--are influential in multiple different political and anti-political movements. They are businessmen, writers, activists, philosophers and professors who share a common belief in freedom and self. If this progressive yet diverse group is of interest to you, your business or web site you should consider placing an ad on this site!
   Do this through using the Google AdSense program for web advertising and make sure to direct your ads to The Google AdSense system is the world-leading system for showing your tailor-made ads on any web site of your choice globally. If you do not think rotating ads on through Google AdSense is enough, please consider placing a banner directly on this site! It is easy, cheap, and efficient.

Banners on this site are placed directly where people see them, inserted in the texts, at the very top of the page, in the left margin, or at the bottom. is a site primarily for its visitors, and therefore we do not allow banners too annoying to the reader, i.e. banners in too bright colors (annoying banners will not do you nor us or our visitors good).
   We are very flexible in sizes, formats etc for the banners. We have no problem with your adding a Flash animation, an animated gif image or simply a jpg or gif image. Either you send us the image and/or link or we help you produce a banner we think suits your aims and our content with help from our web partners at Aparadigmal Productions.
   We are also flexible when it comes to where to place your ad. As a matter of fact, it is up to you if you wish to let us decide where to put your banner or if you have a certain page and paragraph in mind. Usually the banners are placed as the one above, in the right margin of the text. But you can get a full-width banner in a column of your choice if you wish.

The banners are added any date you wish and paid monthly. Banners in the text margin, placed on a page of your choice, range from $5.00 to $20.00 per month. Full-width banners, placed on a page of your choice, range from $15.00 to $80.00 per month. If you sign up for six months we give you a full month for free; if you sign up for twelve months we give you three months for free!
   We are open to your suggestions on how to place your ad and make your advertising a better investment. Please drop us a line or two on info[at] for more information or the specific advertising you have in mind, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

When you have made an agreement with us, please make the payment here via PayPal©. Just enter the amount in US$ in the text box, and click the “Buy Now” button.

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