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Anarchist Schools of Thought

This section includes a number of essays on the different schools of anarchism along with the specific teachings of more or less famous anarchists. Thus, this section features essays on the virtues and shortcomings of syndicalist anarchism, communist anarchism, socialist anarchism, and anarcho-capitalism, as well as the views of e.g. Bakunin, Bookchin, Friedman, Guerin, and Rothbard.
   The Anarchisms section is divided into two main sections. The first section, Critical Analyses of anarchist schools of thought, includes items written by the editors on the different arguments, philosophies and branches of anarchism. These columns emphasize the critique which can be directed towards each and every branch of anarchism.
   The other part, Contributions and Arguments, consists of introductions to the main arguments of these branches. In this section has invited representatives (i.e. sympathizers) for the different branches to discuss the main point, argument, and contribution this branch of anarchism has to general anarchist thought and the collective anarchist movement.

   I.   Contributions and Arguments of Anarchist Schools of Thought
   II.   Critical Analyses of Anarchist Schools of Thought

Contributions and Arguments of Anarchist Schools of Thought

  • Green Anarchy 
        by Green Anarchy Collective

  • Critical Analyses of Anarchist Schools of Thought

    Coming Soon.

    Do you miss something or someone in our list? Is there a school of thought represented which you consider being non-anarchist? Let us know: info[at]
       We would love to publish your piece on the anarchism or anarchist you champion, and its/his/her most important contributions to anarchist thought. Also, we appreciate any comments you may have on the essays and comments already on the site.

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